Sales Tax eFillings

It is mandatory for every Sales Tax registered persons to e-File Monthly Sale Tax Returns, including return of Sales Tax withholding from supplier’s payments/invoices. This results in either amount payable due to input /output difference or carry forward or Sales Tax Refund

  • In case of amount payable it requires generation of PSID for e-Payment of Sales Tax. 
  • In other case Sales Tax becomes refundable and we have specialization in getting Sales Tax Refunds from FBR on Fast Track Basis,
  • More specifically for Exporters, of Textile, Leather & Sports Goods.

All sales tax registered persons have become income tax withholding agents from the new fiscal year, starting on July 1, 2013, and would have to file two statements every month, one Sales Tax returns on or before 18th and another statement showing income Tax withheld from customers, latest by 20th of the following month.

The taxpayers under the Finance Act 2013 would now have to deduct income tax (WHT) at source and even in case of no deduction will have to file statement every month. The amendment made through Finance Act 2013 has also enhanced penalty from Rs5,000 to Rs20,000 in case the withholding statement is not filed by a taxpayer. It is advised to retain gate passes, transport receipts for goods inward and outward as sales tax records to substantiate legitimacy of their purchase and supply transactions.

Sales Tax Refunds

We understand the serious liquidity issues due to held up refunds claims of exporters, we have particular expertise in getting refunds in minimum possible time. We have made special arrangements with our clients where we don’t only follow up for refund claims but also file their Sales Tax Refunds.

Our list of clients includes Textile & Apparel Manufacturers and commercial exporters.  We work on Fast Track Basis for Sales Tax Refunds.


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