We think of our clients throughout the year not just at tax time.

In almost all statues and laws, there are certain legal requirements which are required to be fulfilled periodically, additionally with the passage of time changes are required in the structure of membership/partnership/directorship & shareholding patterns or changes required in agreement, deed, articles & memorandums etc.

In case of Sole Proprietorship:

Sole proprietorship is the simplest business model, in case if the individual business is registered in Income Tax only. The requirement is to maintain proper books of accounts and file annual income tax return, or during the year, if is any change in address or name of business is required, update is required in NTN registration form.

If however a person is registered in sales tax under sales tax act 1990, that person automatic become Income Tax Withholding Agent and has to comply with Sales Tax Laws.

Partnership & Joint Ventures

Partnership & Joint Venture registered under partnership act 1932, besides maintaining proper books of accounts, post registration followup is required, if there is any change in terms of partnership agreement, changes may be required due admission or retirement of partner(s), change in business address or dissolution of partnership etc.

In such an event update is required in at different governmental department like FBR and registrar of firms or at respective provincial revenue board, like SRB, PRA etc.

Limited Companies

A Limited Company registered under companies Ordinance 2017 (Formally Company’s Ordinance 1984), it has some complex filing requirements.

Post registration follow up required in Limited Companies are:-

Annual Filing Of form A & Form 29.
Changes in Article Of Association
Changes in Memorandum Of Association
Transfer of Shares

Our Services:

We provide full support to your business, our services starts with the registration of your business or during the year where any sort of amendments are required, whether in case of Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Limited Company, we submit periodic returns & statements for you, in case you are Income Tax Withholding Agent Or Sales Tax Withholding Agent. We also take care of your accountancy needs through our Online Accounting Software and taxation matters to make you Active Tax Payer and submit your Annual Income Tax Returns.  We have expertise in doing business outsourcing for our overseas clients.