Soles Proprietorship:


A sole proprietorship is the oldest and the most common form of business. It is a one-man organization where a single individual owns, manages and controls the business. Its main features are :-    ………..Read more

Partnership & Joint Ventures:

Partnership remains a common mode of business enterprise in Pakistan for small to medium business set-ups. Partnerships are normally formed where there is a desire to have some structural flexibility along with some formality of relationship between partners. Nonetheless some litigation and tax related consequences and advantages are linked ………..Read more

Limited Company:

Companies remain the most favored form of business organizations in Pakistan especially for medium and large-scale business enterprises. Legal regime for establishment and regulation of companies in Pakistan is given in the Companies Ordinance, 1984. Whereas the function of administration of these companies is vested in the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and the Registrar of Companies appointed by …………Read more

Welfare Association, Trust & NGOs

Pakistan is considered among those countries where majority of people do Charity. Many people do this just to get blessings of Allah. There are numbers of Trusts, NGOs, Welfare communities … Read more


Co-operative Society


A cooperative society is a member-owned business organization with at least five shareholders, all of whom have equal voting rights regardless of  …..Read more

Post Registration Follow-ups

In almost all types of businesses, there are certain legal requirements which requires to be fulfilled periodically, additionally with the passage of time changes are required … Read more