In today’s modern world, business knows no boundaries. At Hussain Associates, we are equipped to provide the same high-quality service no matter where you are located. Our team is highly experienced in off-site account management and remote assistance.

Using cutting-edge technology, and with the help of IT we can share important information with our clients from anywhere in the world.

Bookkeeping & Accounting is the act of routinely recording and categorizing every financial transaction that is related to your business. Even if you consider your business very simple or a part-time endeavor, bookkeeping is still a must for tax purposes and for gathering information on how your business is doing. It includes sorting income from expenses and organizing business transactions into standardized categories. At Hussain Associates we implement online bookkeeping in the cloud rather than desktop bookkeeping software or pencil and paper. We strive to make our online bookkeeping services easy, convenient and affordable.

Properties Of Online Accounting Software ”Matrix”:

Our Online accounting software ”Matrix” does not need any installation, all it needs is internet service and you can check your account from anywhere in the world, you can check cash balance, bank balance, customer ledgers and income & expense ledgers. The most important features are:-

You can check supporting documents just with the click of you mouse, you do not have to grab voucher’s file to search support. This way it has builtin auditing system.

You can keep multiple accounts, for instance you have several branches or you have multiple projects running simultaneously, in “Matrix” you can have separate Profit & Loss Account for each branch/project etc.

It is common that we prepare accounts for tax purposes which is prepared according to the requirements of tax laws, however if we need to maintain accounting for our management purposes as well (double books of accounts), which sometimes is very difficult. In “Matrix” we can manage both accounts, and its very simple.

The taxation impacts on each and every business transaction, if you are income tax withholding agent, in such a case doing entry in most of the accounting software is very complex which creates errors , whereas in our system it is extremely simple. “Matrix” is fully tax compliant.

You can have soft copy, in PDF file, for the whole accounts, all ledgers, trail balances and profit & loss account, anytime, by your own.

How “Matrix” Works:

Matrix is divided in two parts, first part is your office or work place, this is where record of transactions are placed. A person (user), either employed by your company or posted by us, as per our arrangement, feeds entries in the system from his/her user ID, along with PDF scan of supporting documents of that transaction. Once done the user forwards these transactions to his/her supervisor.

Here comes the second part of the system, processing any transaction requires expertise of taxation laws as well as accounting knowledge, therefore at our back office, we have hired experts in accounting and tax professional who verifies correctness of each entry, he/she is called supervisor. The entry forwarded by the user comes into the Inbox of the supervisor, the supervisor checks correctness of each transaction with its support, if everything is okay, the supervisor passes the entry, which is than posted into the ledger, if however the supervisor finds any error, he/she sends back the entry to user, with comments for correctness. This way we are able you guide your staff to make correct entries into the system.

Once entries are posted, after verification, these entries can not be changed without the knowledge of admin, who is sitting on top of all users of the system. Any authorized person can see all ledgers like suppliers & customers ledger, sales & purchases ledgers, profit & loss and balance sheet, from anywhere in the world.

Each entry has attached supporting documents, to ensure checking and internal auditing.